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09 January 2009
i love my life

i am doing quite a big of thinking lately.tis is wat happened when u have nothing much to do.
i thought about what i want to do in life.(heavy rite?)
how i gonna study in monash properly and score better?
i thought about whether or not i want to go aust and how and when do i go?
i thought about church.whether or not i am still capable of giving.
i thought about my friends.did i spend enough time with all of them? what happened to those that slipped to the back of my mind in the midst of my busy-ness
i thought about my time.why is it too much when i dun need it and too little when i have so much to do?


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06 January 2009
i love my life

event: emily's farewell
involved: justin,hariz,jun hong,norman,huey li,han,evonne,hoo li,bie,me and ashley+juls later
venue: chillis and laundry
emily is a super nice girl. knew her since april (sis's course mate). she is nice, humble, friendly and goody girl kind of friend. barely got to know her better and i am already attending her farewell party.sadnyer.
dear emily is going to australia to study.(wats with the australia fever ah?) and lots of things happened. but glad she had a great farewell with us. she looked entertained and happy.haha.
gonna miss u.i really will.u will bring me around when i come next time k? *fingers crossed*

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01 January 2009
i love my life

the welcoming celebration was great.
my 1st countdown with peers and frens punyer frens was fun.
a whole diff kinda of countdown and fun than ever b4. btw, i bumped into goh,joshua,justine,lindsay ytd.sweet coincidence huh?
oh well i am 19 de shud start to live out of my own cave.

thinking back wat i have done in 2008:
1. i went to coll and finished coll

2. i met a whole new bunch of kinda close and true frens

3.i learnt to move on

4. i tried few new things

5. i went redang

6. my 1st ever oversea mission trip

flashback pics will be up when i get my off for my work


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22 December 2008
i love my life

the process of waiting to know my ausmat result was torturing
plus my internet connection cant get me in after 20 mins of trying

ended up regina check for me
took her 2 mins ny

i was **.**
life is full of hope

tis morning,i was discussing with dad about back up plan if i cant get in monash. he dun even wanna talk about it with me. and i really dun wanna break his heart again. my bad results for spm is ok by me but really disappoint him.and he really wants me to get in monash and i really need at least TER73 to get in.
at first, everyone say results is out tmr but 7 plus yoong called to check my results and i was out. imagine the process of dying to get back and check.ish!
anyway life is good


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18 December 2008
i love my life

really lazy to blog. so decided to give an intro for my 1st oversea mission trip
we left malaysia on the 5th dec- fri at 4am from church to lcct terminal.
45 mins drive from church to lcct
3 hours and 40 mins flight
7 hours drive from pampanga airport to YWAM baguio

so bid farewell to malaysia and hello phillipines
ps: my 1st time with air asia. fuh not bad! better if i get to incline more to sleep

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02 December 2008
i love my life

justin teh zen ming turned 18 ytd. he wanted his own awesome party for turning 18 (big year konon-nyer). so few brains and manpower plus lots of frens decided to throw him a party.

introducing main lead of the party : justin!
i think his expression says "i-am-very very touched".

hariz's fren and our new friend: wayne
two justins.
justin was barely sober thruout the nite

camwhoring session
a fraction of those who came.the rest were all over the apartment.
our pressie for justin will be a fish spa session in kenko.
since justin have minor enzema, so i bet the fish enjoy their buffet.
it was super geli and funny.but then the fish bit, it was like vibrations.but still the putting-urself-together to put the leg in was terrible.
justin was shouting, giggling and all.memalukan! haha

outcome of the nite:

went midv for grocery and last min party-needed stuff shopping

went bangsar dominos for 10 boxes of pizzas, 5 chic wings, 3 cinnastick. auntie came with KFC later on.so food was more than sufficient to feed 20-25 ppl.

went to rented duta vista apartment.

everyone used whipping cream on their hand and smashed it all over justin before the sing song session.(v cant get an extra cake last min)

had tons and tons of fun and laugthers

time to plan for next party!

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27 November 2008
i love my life

i finished/survived ausmat. it sounded like a nice,easy, relaxing course but IT'S NOT!
anyway..the days of waking up at 6 daily to drive down for classes ended. i still remember starting classes looking lost because i missed orientation. then always feel like going back after classes for the 1st few months of coll. but in the end i realise i do like ausmatians.

i suppose dev is among my fav frens thr
jia jun too.funny fella
me.c.peng.nickie.kelly(among the girlfriends tat brush up my 'big2"skills)

hao ming (calculus top student) and he is very nice down to earth fella.
christopher and sheryl (weird but loving couple.been together since long before ausmat)

the science stream friends.more of hoo li's fren.got to kno them when hoo li was around.
my fav lec after ms. shanti.he's more like a friend than lec.
om.me.dev (camwhoring in the girl's toilet) they were so afraid of getting caught.haha
??.chui.hao chien.me.jeremy (mac intake frens-knew them thru om)
ms.suzana-econs lec.altho she always gives us long long breaks but her classes are productive.till now i actually do love econs bcoz of her.ms ruba is a nice lady but i dont think i will like econs if she was my lec tho.
ms.jennifer-acct lec. if i ever score well for accts, she will share the credits of it with God. but if i dont, then i didnt study hard enuf lo.
place was so dark.didnt get all of my frens pics.and tat was it.parted ways for next year.sad.
i will miss ausmat.

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i'm queenie
i'm have limited brain cells so i don't do complicated thinking much
i love love love God
i love love to SMILE
i love food which always means EAT too
i love colours. for cloths.stuff and belongings
i am big addict for taiwan/korean/tvb/singaporean series
i'm my mummy's spoilt girl


pretty content with life.
how about more food but yet wont get me fatter?.
needed to have more clothes.


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